Thursday, January 28, 2016

Call for Submissions: Carnival Anthology

I am planning another anthology. This will not officially be associated with any organization. It is an idea I had for an anthology and it is a collection that I would read. I invite all writers to submit stories they feel would fit.

Prompt: There is a carnival that appears overnight in a field somewhere in the Midwest. You know the kind...there is something off about it...something wrong. It wasn't there yesterday. Your character(s) visit the carnival, and encounter the mysterious Celestial Raven whose role at the carnival is unclear...she may be a mystic...she may be the owner or manager...she may be evil or good...and she may very well be the soul of the carnival itself. Your Character(s) must experience something odd or strange or unexplainable...light or dark.... 

Stories should be no longer than 3500 words.

Deadline for submission is July 31st 2016

Stories must follow the writing prompt.

Stories must be in standard story format: 1" margins...double spaced...indented chapters...etc.

Bill Wilbur will choose the final stories to be included in the anthology.

Payment is one contributor's copy

Submissions should be in the form of an email attachment as a .doc file.

Editor will not significantly change your work, with the exception of punctuation.

Submit only your best work. Correct grammar and spelling is appreciated. All genres considered.  You may or may not receive feedback. If the story isn't ready, don't send it.

Late submissions will not be accepted.

Acceptance/ rejection notification will be emailed.

Questions should be sent to: