Monday, June 14, 2010

Writer in the Window series!

I am appearing Thursday evening at Barnes and Noble in West covina from 7-9:30pm for the latest in my Writer in the Window series!

For those who don't know, I have accepted a number of challenges from bookstores and events to create on-the-spot short stories based on suggestions from the audience.

People shout out things you would find in a western and I then have two hours to create a story using all those elements. Most times I am able to finish with a fairly cohesive story, which is then read to the crowd. A few times I have failed, but must still read the work to the crowd!

It is called Writer in the Window, because at the first event for the Gene Autry Center, they literally put me in the window of the museum store, like a monkey at the zoo. People even tapped on the window!

So come on out for a fun evening! There will be raffles, activities for the kids, and even a movie! See if you can stump me...and support the arts!


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