Friday, October 16, 2015

Dahlia and Other Stories

Dahlia and Other Stories

I thought I would give you an idea of what you can find within the pages of my new book,Dahlia and Other Stories.  There are a total of fifteen stories, including the first story I ever wrote as well as the shortest story I have ever written.  Here is a brief synopsis of the stories.

An ex-hooker is hired by the oldest woman in the world to commit murder in the nursing home.

A psychiatrist must lock himself into a panic room with a patient who thinks he will spontaeously combust without his medication.  Is it getting warm in here?

War Paint
A short vampire story where the hunters dress like clowns to hide their identities

A horror story set at a golf course, where three friends find themselves in a classic battle of good vs. evil

Cherry Bomb Slushee
A woman revisits the sight where she murdered her boyfriend years before only to find him waiting.

Man or Mouse
Mickey kills Minnie

Feel the Burn
When a man thinks the billboard ouside his window is speaking to him, he gets one chance at revenge against a childhood bully

I Am Not God
A haunted ATM may be one man's salvation, or perhaps his ruination

Shoe Envy
Cinderella covets a certain pair of ruby slippers but Dorothy wont give them up without a fight

How much luck can a single penny hold, and at what cost to the person who finds it?

A tense moment inside a convenience store becomes a moment of quiet triumph for a lost woman.

Stammer of the Gods
A band of misfit vikings search for the elusive golden butterfly

When Magic Dies
Where does magic goes when it dies and what happens to the boy who is burdened with the answer?

Dust Bunnies
I was challenged to write a story in 100 words.  This is the result

Hands Off
This is the first story I ever wrote that I shared with others.  I was fourteen.

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