Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Five Mundane Things You Don't Know About Me

1. I still have dreams that I can fly. Not as graceful as Superman, in my dreams I have to frog-kick through the air, like you do when you swim underwater, arms pulling you forward and legs kicking to propel you. The flying dreams are my favorite ones, there is a sense of peace and tranquility as I swim through the air. As I wake up, the ability to fly leaves me, but I do not plummet to the Earth, I simply begin to lose altitude, no matter how hard I kick; I float to the ground unable to fly anymore.

2. I consider 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' to be one of the best shows ever on TV. Also on the list is 'Freaks and Geeks', 'West Wing', 'Wonder Years', 'Firefly', 'MASH', 'Brisco County Jr.' Alas, none of them are on the air anymore, what's that say about my taste?

3. My first book came out in 2006; SARAGOSA is a western I wrote for my father. Recently it has been picked up by Hollywood and is in pre-production to become a feature film!

4. I used to be addicted to Pepsi. Stop laughing. I would have a Big Gulp on the way to work in the morning. I’d have another for lunch, and a two-liter almost every evening. I quit cold turkey about nine months ago. Now if I could only quit the chocolate!

5. As a photographer I have worked with countless celebrities, Dennis Hopper, Kirk Douglas, Benjamin Bratt, Ellen DeGeneres, Christopher Lloyd, Dean Cain, the entire cast of My Name Is Earl. But the most rewarding project I worked on is the Heart Gallery. Professional photographers all over the world were invited to donate their time and talents to a charity designed to raise awareness about children who need permanent homes by displaying professional portraits that capture the children's individuality. The program has demonstrated unprecedented success in finding adoptive homes for foster children.

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Paul M. Stein said...

Congratulations on the movie Bill! It makes me want to write again, but I have this girlfriend now, and she takes up way too much of my time.

I hope that they didn't knock anything off the contracted price based on the mistakes in the book. (Ooo, I hope that didn't cost you.)